Card Watch –
Tanken ist gut,
Kontrolle ist besser.

Überlasse die Überwachung
deiner Kartentransaktionen jemandem,
der niemals schläft.

Better security
and lower costs.
Card Watch

Card Watch is your first step into the world of integrated refuelling services for vehicle fleets.
You can  use your existing fuel cards with Card Watch.
We are already working with your telematics and fuel card providers. This means we can provide data-based protection for your fuel cards.

This is how
Card Watch works

Imagine your staff want to check your fuel bills for vehicles in your fleet to verify whether a given vehicle was actually on site at a particular time. That’s exactly what Card Watch takes care of.
We seamlessly integrate your refuelling data with your telematics data to reveal diesel theft. This prevents any fraud
arising from the loss, theft, or sale of cards.

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how Card Watch works?

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