Neu auf der Tankfläche!

Hier spielt die Musik. Ohne Kraftstoffe kein Transport.
LKW-Flotten sind gern gesehene Kunden.
Die technologischen Entwicklungen schaffen eine Spielwiese für Tankstellen-Betreiber.
Digitale  Services, eine bessere Kundenbeziehung, stärkere Vernetzung.
Der Klickstart in die Zukunft heisst iomoto.

We keep hauliers
focused on the road

400,000  HGVs in Europe

We collaborate with numerous telematics data providers and combine the
telematics data with transaction data
provided by fuel card providers.
Our Card Watch service allows you to offer your
customers a secure refuelling experience.
By working with us, you gain access to the 400,000 connected HGVs in
our community – with more joining us all the time.
Wouldn’t it be great if some of these
large tanks could be filled at your petrol station?
You just have to say YES, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What additional
advantages can you
offer your customers with

Secure refuelling

Diesel theft and fuel card fraud are important issues for fleet managers.
Card Watch is iomoto’s tool to help hauliers
master these challenges.
Give your customers consistent peace of mind.

Not bound to any particular provider.

on time…

…or lose out on fleet business.
Integration and networking is still a major trend
in the transportation industry.
The functions and digital user experience
offered by applications are increasingly becoming
a critical factor as fleet managers decide what and where to buy.

We can directly integrate your petrol stations into the fleet manager services.
In so doing, iomoto helps petrol station operators to meet growing market expectations.

Customer contracts

Your customer relationships remain yours –
with the same individual conditions as always. We simply support you in offering even better service.

Fuel cards

Card Watch works with all fuel card providers that are able to provide their data to us in a digital format.

Simpler administration

Digital processes reduce the administrative workload for your customers. Card Watch is also easy to use and digital.

POS systems
and integrators

It’s all a question of interfaces –
we can integrate every system.

Everything is built around an open platform – working on the principle of API first.