Gute Karten
muss man haben.

Mit uns hast du aber noch ein Ass im Ärmel.
Für physische und virtuelle Tankkarten hilft dir
iomoto den besten Service anzubieten.
Die neuen Technologien in der Logistik und im Payment
steigern die Ansprüche bei den Flottenmanagern.
Glücklicherweise gilt: iomoto is a fueling card’s best friend.

You can use any
card to refuel,
but there’s only one way tomove with the times

Fleets, fleets, wonderful fleets

We can’t say it enough, and maybe this heading will even boost our Google ranking a little bit. But this only really emphasises one thing:

Our heart beats for fleets. We’re just like you in that respect.

And we are passionate about dedicating all our capacity and
expertise to shaping the future of transport with you.
The way our technology integrates into the telematics of
fleets makes iomoto a perfect partner for fuel card providers.
Your customers remain your customers –
they’ll just be a little happier.

Fighting diesel theft

Diesel theft is a serious problem for HGV fleets
in the already low-margin transport sector.
iomoto offers various tools to identify
and prevent diesel theft.
It gives fuel card users a valuable security upgrade – one that is especially easy
for fuel card providers to integrate.

GPS Checker

We correlate the fuel data you provide with the telematics
data of fleet vehicles.
This is then used to check whether the vehicle
locations fit the GPS data from the petrol stations.
And this is how we uncover fuel card fraud – via direct fraud or loss of a card.

The faster you can send us that refuelling data, the
quicker the fleet managers will get the result.

Data Analyzer

This is where we add
algorithms into the mix.

We use the refuelling and telematics data to analyse whether
there is anything unusual
to indicate diesel may have
been stolen from the tank or at
the pump.


GPS + Data

The GPS Checker  is automatically integrated into Card Watch.
Of course, customers can add in the Data Analyzer
module at any time for more
extensive protection against fuel
card fraud and diesel theft.



Wenn für jemanden „always on“ gilt,
dann für den Flottenmanager.
Jederzeit zuverlässige Flotten-Daten zur Hand zu haben,
ist ein Schlüssel zum Erfolg.
Unser Service-Portal macht das Management deiner Tankkarten so einfach,
wie das Streamen auf Spotify oder Netflix.


Open Network

iomoto isn’t a limited deal.
We want to create the conditions to offer the best possible digital and integrated services for HGV fleets.
But we can only achieve this with the cooperation of all relevant partners and with all the right interfaces.

Access to more
smart fleet services

Once the connection has been established,
you’re ready to add all the other smart services developed in the iomoto Lab.
We have many ideas in the pipeline.
You, too, could become one of our  innovation partners .
We develop and test solutions together alongside ourinnovation partners – like our
Integrated Fueling, for example.

Smart contracts

AI-based invoice verification