Tanken is coming home.

Als hätten wir unsere Services für Telematik-Anbieter erfunden. Wer Fahrzeuge ortet, Routen plant Geschäftsprozesse optimiert, wird von Card Watch und unseren zukünftigen Services begeistert sein.

Card Watch

iomoto is never
more than an API

We’re serious:
We are open to everyone and integration is easy.

Our shared goal is to make fleet managers happy.
So we will simply provide what you need and integrate it with what you already have – your existing telematics solution.

What additional
advantages can you
offer your customers?

Stop diesel theft

Card Watch allows your customers to uncover
diesel theft in all its various forms.
To achieve this, we combine telematics data with the transaction
data provided by the fuel card providers.
The result is an incorruptible tool.
All you need is the API.

Card Watch

Card Watch makes trusty old plastic fuel cards smart.
This saves your customers money.

Data Analyzer

This is where we add
algorithms into the mix.

We apply additional telematics data such as the tank levels of your vehicles.  Once connected with the refuelling data from the fuel card providers, we can analyse whether there is anything unusual
that may indicate diesel has been stolen from the tank or at the pump.

Service Management Platform

We want to ensure the best possible user experience and maximum reliability.
As a telematics solutions provider, you recognise the importance of efficient processes.
Activate a card with just a click. Deactivate a card just as easily.  Want to assign a fuel card
to a different vehicle or driver? You guessed it – just a click.

Our Service Management Platform is also the place where fleet managers receive notifications about any anomalies or inconsistencies in the refuelling processes in their fleet.

Access to more
smart fleet services

Once the connection has been established,
you’re ready to add all the other smart services developed in the iomoto lab.
We have many ideas in the pipeline.
You, too, could become one of our innovation partners .
We develop and test new solutions   alongside our innovation partners.

Smart Contracts

invoice verification

Open Network

iomoto is an open network created to
integrate key services into the fleet managers’ work processes.
We don’t limit ourselves to working with just a few selected partners – we offer everyone interested our support and access to our interfaces.
Loyalty to our partners and customers is, of course, a given Data security is critical to our business and has the top priority in all that we do.