Endlich wieder
beauty fuel.

Fahrermangel, zahlreiche Regularien, niedrige Margen.
Das Transportgeschäft ist ein hartes Business.
iomoto hat ein Herz für Flottenmanager und Fahrer.
Unsere Services sorgen für mehr Spass bei der Arbeit
und mehr Geld in der Kasse.

Diverse tasks
demand integrated tools.

Your job can be challenging.
You manage people and technology with efficiency and talent.
Ideally, you even know when hit with an unexpected crisis.
After all, you need to keep turning a profit.
Telematics is a game-changer.
But the real fun begins here.

What advantages
would iomoto
offer your fleet?

Protect your diesel

Card Watch is an effective tool to limit your diesel costs. It works with your existing fuel cards and reveals diesel theft. Digital, smart, and around the clock.

Card Watch

Card Watch makes your trusty old fuel cards smart, giving you your first step into the world of integrated refuelling services for vehicle fleets.
We are already working with your telematics and fuel card providers. This allows easy data-based protection for your fuel cards.

Data Analyzer

This is where we add
algorithms into the mix.

We apply additional telematics data such as the tank levels of your vehicles.  Once connected with the refuelling data from the fuel card providers, we can analyse whether there is anything unusual
that may indicate diesel has been stolen from the tank or at the pump.

Service Management Platform

We want to ensure the best possible user experience and maximum reliability.
Activate a card with just a click. Deactivate a card just as easily.  Want to assign a fuel card
to a different vehicle or driver? You guessed it – just a click.

This is also where the fleet manager receives all notifications regarding any anomalies or irregularities relating to refuelling within the fleet.

Werde unser

Wir arbeiten direkt mit Transporteuren und Flottenmanagement-Anbietern zusammen, um unsere Services stetig zu verbessern.
Wir freuen uns besonders über Entwicklungspartnerschaften, um im harten Alltag Schnittstellen, Funktionen und Integrationen zu testen. So hast du nicht nur einen Vorsprung bei der Nutzung der neuesten Services, sondern kannst sie sogar gestalten.

Damit sitzt du in der ersten Reihe!

Ich bin interessiert!

Access to more
smart fleet services

Once the connection has been established, you’re ready to
add all the other smart services developed in the iomoto Lab. We are constantly testing and developing to keep improving what we do.

Smart contracts

invoice verification

Smart contracts

invoice verification